How to JOIN TASTE In Your Region

Thank you for your interest in joining the TASTE Community! You are welcome to JOIN TASTE as a shopper, a visitor and/or as a business.

For Businesses...

Are all businesses eligible to list?
If your business is operated on Vancouver Island then you are welcome to list on the TASTE Directory. EVERY type of business is welcome to list. We are an all-inclusive directory, not just for food related businesses. TASTE was built to support local businesses, not intended for big box stores or chains, although we do allow locally-operated franchises.

Visit our PRICING page for information on types of listings, prices, and how to list your business.
* TASTEtheIsland reserves the right to refuse businesses.

How do I know which region to list my business in?
Businesses are listed according to region, so you must add your business in the region you are located in. Most businesses will list according to your mailing address. If your business is located right on the border of a region, you may be given the option to choose which region better suits your business.

What if we have multiple offices on Vancouver Island?
If you have a business in multiple regions you are welcome to purchase a listing in each region. If you have multiple locations within one region, list your main/head office only.

If you are interested in multiple Profile listings, we offer multiple Profile listing. Profile listings allow for multiple locations within one region in the description area. Contact us for multiple Profile listing information.


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Questions or Comments?
We are always open to suggestions on ways to improve our shoppers' experience and promoting local businesses. Tell us what you would like to see on TASTE. Contact us anytime.