About TASTE - Vancouver Island's Online Directory

Our Story and why TASTE is not just about the food...
Our story began in the Cowichan Valley in the spring of 2011 with a visit to a local downtown farmer's market. No matter which part of the island you call home, Vancouver Island markets are a mecca of local treasures; fresh farm produce and eggs, delicious baked goods, jams, cheeses, homegrown meats, wild mushrooms and locally-crafted wines. And there is much more than food... you will also find local designers of clothing, fine crafted furniture and kitchenware, cool jewellery, local art, and oftentimes local services offered on the spot: face painting, massage therapy, tea and wine tasting. Almost every town has a farmer's market and we encourage you to go. Endless treasures abound! So we decided to create an online directory to help shoppers FIND these local treasures.

BUY LOCAL FIRST - it's good for our Island economy
Even changing your spending habits by 10% can make a huge impact on our Island economies. Choosing to shop LOCAL is as important for environmental sustainability as it is for economic sustainability. LOCAL businesses define the flavour of our communities and make them better places to live. You don't need to buy everything local, you don't need to change what you buy, just where you buy it.

A place to TASTE EVERYTHING Vancouver Island
We started to think... what if you never go to the market, or perhaps you venture out of town to find products and services that are available right in your own backyard? We know how hard local business owners work, so we asked ourselves what can we do to help more people find these amazing Island businesses? So... we created an online resource for shoppers in the Cowichan region, a kind of meeting place where every kind of local business could be found - and TASTECowichan was so successful that we decided to go island-wide and create 5 more Island directories. Welcome to TASTEtheIsland - enjoy all this beautiful Island has to offer!

A message to business owners...
The owners of TASTE live and work here too. We are small business owners just like you. We believe in "co-opetition"; local businesses working together co-operatively, as an Island, to create a sustainable community by supporting and promoting each other and encouraging shoppers to choose local first. We all want the same thing - a healthy vibrant island community. Read more about the TASTE Team here.